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Three Years An Angel

Three years ago you left us,
Not willingly, we know,
And broke our hearts forever,
So sad to see you go.

You took the rays of sunshine
That danced around your eyes,
And also your sweet music
With you to the skies.

We're not the same people
We were when you were here;
Our hearts are filled with sorrow;
Our eyes are filled with tears.

But your memories help to comfort
And bring peace into our hearts;
They're all that we have left to us
Since we had to part.

Some day we'll be together
In heaven up above;
Adieu for now, sweet Leo,
You'll always have our love.

Written for Rose & Danny by Saralyn McAfee Smith
March 21, 2009

Thank you, Sarayn, Robbie's Mom!

Thank you, Donna, Corey's Mom!

Thank you, Shirley, Laurie's Mom!

Thank you, Patti, Dustin's Mom!

Thank you, Debbie, Jakob's Grandma!

Thank you, Sue-Anne, Lee's Mom!

Thank you, Linda, Tina's Mom!

Thank you, Susie, Jason's Mom!

Thank you, Carol, Michael's Mom!

Thank you, DJ, Shane's Mom!

Thank you, Evelyn, Grandma to Dana and Billy!

Thank you, Reeny, Mom to Becky and Dustin!

Thank you, Karen, Geoff's Mom!


Music playing is "Missing You" by Bruce DeBoer and is used with permission