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Leo - Easter 2009

Remembering Leo at Easter

Time marches on, step by step,
But I feel left behind.
Since you've been gone, my precious son,
For me, there is no time.

For I feel frozen on that day
When earth you had to leave,
And now the only thing I do
Is think of you and grieve.

But Easter is a special day
When I can feel some joy,
Because our Savior rose again,
Some day I'll see my boy!

So, welcome, happy Easter Day!
Come warm my frozen heart;
Some day I'll see my precious son,
Never more to part!

Written for Rose & Danny with love,
Saralyn McAfee Smith
Easter, 2009

Thank you, Saralyn, Robbie's Mom!

Thank you again, Saralyn!

Thank you, Reeny, Mom to Dustin & Becky!

Thank you, CindyJo, Michelle's Mom!

Thank you, Sue-Anne, Lee's Mom!

Thank you again, Sue-Anne!

Thank you, Connie, Michelle's Mom!

Thank you, Deanne, Jacob's Mum!

Thank you, Carol, Michael's Mom!

Thank you, Susie, Jason's Mom!

Thank you again, Susie!

Thank you, Shirley, Laurie's Mom!

Thank you, Maria, Christopher's Mom!

Thank you, Evelyn, Grandma to Dana and Billy!

Thank you, Elena, Dennis's Mom!

Thank you, Linda, Tina's Mom!

Thank you, Angie, Dustin's Mom!

Thank you, Karen, Geoff's Mom!

Thank you, Lori, Steven's Mom!


Page & Graphics Lovingly Made for Rose and Danny by Saralyn, Robbie's Mom