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September 26, 2010

So many years now that youíve been gone,
Yet always youíre in my heart.
I wish that I could understand
Why it was you had to depart.

I often wonder how youíd look now--
This year youíd turn twenty-one--
And I wonder if youíve continued to age
In heaven, my precious son.

I miss the sweetness of your smile,
And I wish that I could touch
The softness of your hair and cheek.
Oh, my son, I miss you so much!

How I miss the talks we used to have
And the games we used to play!
Lifeís not been the same, my precious son,
Since you left that terrible day.

I went out to your grave today
And left flowers, balloons and such,
I thought of you and I prayed a whileó
It doesnít seem like much.

But itís all that I can give you now,
When youíre in heaven so far away,
I donít even know if you can hear
The words Iíve tried to say.

Iíll never know the special joy
Of seeing you full-grown,
But Iím thankful for the years we had
And all the joy weíve known.

And I look forward to the day
Iíll see you at heavenís dooró
The day Iíll get to hug you again
And be with you forevermore!

So, happy birthday, my precious son,
Whom I love eternally.
Though today youíre turning twenty-one,
My baby youíll always be.

Written with love for Rose and Leo by Saralyn McAfee Smith
September 26, 2010

Thank you, Saralyn, Robbie's Mom, for this lovely gift!

Thank you, Susie, Jason's Mom, for this beautiful gift!

Thank you, Donna, Corey's Mom, for this lovely gift!


Page and Graphics Made for Rose and Leo with Love by Saralyn, Robbie's Mom